Taking big steps to the future.

….we have started our business 2002. and doing business until today.

Connecting small team of people BU-net d.o.o. goes to conquer the market. First of all there was just Croatian market, and now we are spreading all over the world.

The core business of the company in the beginning was trade. We spread offering computer appliances, cables for structural cabling, office supplies and light products.

Today we are in possibility to offer you more diverse  and wider range of electrical products. The prices we can achieve are highly acceptable and much lower than you can imagine.

Beyond the trade we are in possibility to offer you marketing services e.g. create for you marketing campaign, logos, trade marks, catalogues.

From last year you can have from our experts also services of translation.

 All about the types of the products, services and their prices please follow the information in our web site.

...if you have demand for office supplies, structural cabling, products of visual communication, computers, heating and cooling products, need for translations, marketing campaigns we are more than good choice for your company.

Our business team will be very pleased to hear from you as  well as create any business cooperation.

BU-net d.o.o.
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